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Mass – Enter the Beast

If you go through with the entirety of this program you will be changed. Most of you who start will not finish. This program is not for the weak and timid. This program is for those who are tough, resilient, and committed to working hard and reaching for the stars. I did not design this program for the 99%. Only the 1% will be able to make it through this program. The 1% are the people who are willing to endure in the face of extreme difficulty. The 1% are the people who are willing to sacrifice many things to realize an eventual goal. I have no pity for you if you are not able to complete this program. If you give up, you are probably like the majority of people on this planet. If you make up the 99% of the population who will not go through this program, there is probably nothing wrong with you, but I’m probably not interested in being friends with you. I like those who are on the fringe. I like those who are different. I like those who live by their own set of values. I like those who don’t mind it when the lunatics run the asylum. If you enter the beast, you must become the beast to survive.

Mass – Judgement Day

“MASS was my way of telling the world that I think it’s filled with people who need to be slapped in the face. You think you’ve worked hard? You haven’t done shit. You don’t need a fancy program. You need to try hard. You need to learn how to grind. You need to shut up, stop thinking, and push…day, after day, after day, after day. You think getting punched in the face sucks? It does…but what really sucks is getting punched in the face day, after day, after day, after day. But if you literally just show up today and accept your fate, and you come back again tomorrow, and the next day, believe it or not, you will change…significantly. MASS was a gut check. MASS gave you an acquired taste for shit. Unless you like the way shit tastes, you haven’t really trained. You’ve earned MASS 2. MASS was all about thinning the herd. MASS 2 is about optimization. MASS 2 will make you have video game numbers in your lifts.”

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